DaisyDuino v1.3.0 - big update!

Hey all,

We just released v1.3.0 of DaisyDuino

It should be available from the library manager within Arduino very shortly, if its not already there.

Happy hacking! :robot:


  • Audio engine now supports other sample rates. Supported sample rates are 8kHz, 16kHz, 32kHz, 48kHz, and 96kHz
  • The Data Cache has been enabled. This should increase performance capabilities by quite a bit (will increase further once v2.0 of stm32duino Core is released as that contains an updated linker for a dedicated non-cached DMA buffer section in the Daisy’s memory).
  • New DSP Modules and accompanying examples (tremolo, chorus, flanger, stringvoice, and more)
  • Board support for the Daisy Petal hardware has been added.
  • Board support for the Daisy Field hardware has been added.
  • The associated bits of hardware (i.e. LED Driver, control multiplexor, input shift register, etc.) have been ported from libdaisy to work with the stm32duino libs and general arduino conventions.
  • Examples from libdaisy-based DaisyExamples repo have been ported for the Petal and Field
  • Some changes to internal structure for legibility, etc.