Daisy with DIYRE's Colour module format


DIYRE started a Colour format of electronic hardware modules that “plug-into” their 500 series modules. I thought I’d try to use a Daisy Seed as an alternative, to an electronic circuit. I started with their Colour Palette module, which accepts 3 Colour circuits. I soldered headers to their prototype board and added a Daisy seed.

I got it working using the reverb effect for testing, next steps, code up some more effects!

Here are a few photos.

The Colour Palette only allows for on/off and gain adjustments, so controlling your code is limited.

Hope you are yours are safe and sound!



WOWW! amazing. I think maybe you’d want to use an analog mono slot for analog effects, but the proof of concept is inspiring. And I guess there are many things like gates and so on that analog cant do better. Compression with lookahead etc.

I wonder… If you had another slot with just daisy and some knobs controls, Daisy could send voltages to voltage controlled resistors. Or regulate current that would otherwise be controlled. So with the right design, daisy could be like the digital controller for analog gear? Limitations somewhere for sure. But seems possible.

Or even use to calibrate left and right channels perfectly. Slip it on the outputs of a stereo chain and have it patch itself in to send a test tone, balance gains, and then hold them there. And that you can program it with max makes it so universal. I swear by the end of my daisy obsession I’m going to be running my house lights with midi…

Yeah the colour format is limited in that you cannot control the daisy via knobs, switches on the front panel. However I’m assuming it would be possible to create a daisy based 500 series module with a custom front panel, supporting knobs, etc. The 500 format has balanced mono audio in/out so maybe you’d have to convert that to unbalanced line level (THAT1206/1256/1646)? Also create the necessary power circuit to get the 500 format +16/-16 into a voltage the daisy can support.