Daisy toolchain v0.3.3 trouble on m1 mac os 12.6

Hi all,

I have been trying to get the toolchain v0.3.3 to work for a few days now on a m1 mac, with no luck. I ran the install.command as described in the 1b Wiki and it seemed to have installed everything, but validating the toolchain gives these results,

command not found: arm-none-eabi-gcc
command not found: dfu-util
command not found: openocd

After going through the troubleshooting wiki and searching this forum i found that other users had success installing gcc-arm-none-eabi-10.3-2021.10 manually,
so i did this too, but still running „arm-none-eabi-gcc —version“ results in “command not found”.

Out of frustration i tried installing the toolchain on an intel mac at work (os 12.5) and it worked like a charm instantly, also first flashing test with a daisy seed worked there too.

Now I´m even more confused and out of ideas what else i could try here on my m1 Mac, since it was so easy to install on the Mac at work.

I’d be really happy for any hints and tips or suggestions where else i could research or what i should try.

Am I missing something really obvious?

Hope you can share some ideas with me.

I don’t have an M1 Mac, but my guess is that the tool chain is built for Intel CPU, so you’d need to install Rosetta 2 to run the programs on the M1 CPU.

Oh, that would be something obvious from me to miss. Thanks for the tip. I’m pretty sure I have Rosetta installed but I’ll double check now.

Command not found would normally be caused by either incorrect path to a valid executable, or correct path, but not a valid executable. In this case, I’m thinking an Intel program would be invalid, unless the Mac knows to run it using Rosetta.

Or it’s something else, of course.

ok. Incorrect path was a great hint. I did more research and found that Homebrew files are installed into the /opt/homebrew folder not usr/local on m1.

I followed this ‘Add Homebrew shell configuration’

  • Add Homebrew to your PATH in ~/.zprofile:
    echo ‘eval “$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)”’ >> ~/.zprofile
    eval “$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)”

then I reran the install.command from the toolchain v3.03.3 folder.

Now following the “Validating Toolchain” in the Daisy Troubleshoot Wiki
make --version
arm-none-eabi-gcc --version
dfu-util --version
openocd --version

give me the valid tools.

Phew, thanks so much, I think it worked. I can’t confirm yet if also flashing via Oopsy works since I left my daisy seed at my work place. Fingers crossed. I will update here if flashing also works.

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Yes. Flashing now also worked. Awesome.

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