Daisy SM not reading Pot input

I tried the Pot Input example in DaisyDuino PatchSM library. I had to change the variable int value = analogRead(PIN_PATCH_SM_CV_1); to int value = analogRead(PIN_PATCH_CV_1); as it was complaining it was an error, and then I added Serial.println(value); to see the value output. I used pots I have tested with Arduino with similar AnalogRead example and so I know they work. The output did not detect any change in value at 0 so I’m thinking maybe the pots aren’t getting 5V.

Has anyone any experience in this and setting up the Sub Module?

I just compiled it here, with any changes. Compiled without error.

You need to select the board type correctly in the Arduino Tools menu. I selected Generic STM32H7 Series, from STM32 boards groups, then selected Patch SM in Board part number.

I didn’t test it, as my Patch.Init() wasn’t convenient. I dont recall whether patch_sm can handle pots without getting power from Patch.Init() or an equivalent.

I have the board type GENERIC STM32H7 series selected and it compiles and uploads correctly. The only thing it seems I can get the SM working is the BLINK patch. I’m not getting any input or output detected after trying the Oscillator and Pot input DaisyDuino examples. I will try the switch and gate input sketches.

Board part number must be patch_sm.

Hi, Ah I’ve just seen it under Board part number.

I just got the Momentary_Switch example working. I am so happy. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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