Daisy SM analogue pins

Hi, I have the Daisy SM and have looked at the schematic from the post below but still don’t know if I am understanding this correctly:

The Daisy SM has only 4 analogue inputs: ADC_9 A2, ADC_10 A3, ADC_11 D8, ADC_12 D9 compared to the Daisy Seed which has 12 analogue inputs?

I would like to add 12 analogue inputs to the Daisy SM so do I need to add a multiplexer to do this?


I think ADC 9,10,11 and 12 expose the raw μC ADC pins.

The other 8 I believe are pins CV 1 to 8, i.e. C2 to C9. These will have their signals conditioned from eurorack levels down to levels compatible with the μC ADC pins.

So in all there are 12 analogue inputs.


I wanted to also use the C1 to C10 for control voltages as they are described on the schematic - I guess I only need 4 CV’s. Which would leave me needing another 4 analogue inputs.

If I want to add more analogue ins than the module allows can I do this by adding a multiplexer to one of the μC ADC pins?