Daisy Seed USB MIDI freezes when using JTAG programmer

I’m using a Daisy Seed and have successfully uploaded the USB_MIDI example via the web programmer. I tested it using MIDI Ox and it all works fine as expected.

I then spent some time setting up Visual Studio + Visual GDB + Segger J-Link EDU mini.
This tutorial was very good, although a few things have changed since it was written. The biggest one is the need to use the Visual_Studio_CleanUp branch of LibDaisy, not the Master.

Eventually I got projects building successfully and uploading. I need to use MIDI over USB for my project, so tested uploading the USB_MIDI example. However when in debug mode I found that the Daisy appeared in device manager with an exclamation mark and “cannot start”. When in release mode the Daisy appears to be working fine in device manager, but when I connected in MIDI Ox I found that MIDI Ox would freeze as soon as any MIDI data was sent to the Daisy. Pressing Reset on the Daisy would unfreeze MIDI Ox, but disconnect it from the Daisy. I also tried other MIDI programs with similar results. As soon as data is sent from the app to the Daisy the app would freeze or MIDI functionality would stop.

Any suggestions how I can start diagnosing what is wrong with the build. Could it be something in the Visual GDB settings?

Unfortunately, the VS Cleanup branch of libDaisy has gone a bit stale, and is out of date with master at this point. It is missing some bugfixes that are present on master, one of which I believe addresses this issue.

One solution would be to use libDaisy on master with VS Code and cortex debug, that should work well.

The other would be to clean up master once more so it works with Visual Studio. If you look at the changes from the VS Cleanup branch you should get a good idea of what has to be done. We are planning on doing this at some point, but admittedly there aren’t too many Visual Studio users in the community, so it is a lower priority item.

Let me know how that works out!