Daisy Seed underpowered/not powering on

Hi all, I’m trying to make a keyboard sort of thing with the seed, and am using 3 multiplexers (8x1). The 24 buttons are connected to the mux with pullup resistors and I have a 100uF decoupling capacitor near the mux IC. I’m unable to power the seed via usb when all 3 muxes are connected. Since I’m new to all this, I’m a little hesitant to connect the board to power via the Vin pin. What could the issue be?

There’s a couple of possible issues I can think of. First of all a USB port should be able to supply 500 milliamps, minus what the seed needs of course. but often will not be able to do so if it is powered from a hub or if there are other USB devices that are taking a lot of current, Etc. and the other thing I can think of is your pull-up resistors - if you’ve chosen a fairly low value each one could be drawing quite a bit of current, times 24. What mux chip are you using, and what is the value of your pull-up resistors? Could you supply a schematic per chance?