Daisy Seed + Terrarium Rev5 -> Rev7 terrible SNR

Hey everyone. I built a terrarium pcb clone for a pedal last year with daisy seed rev5. I was able to flash software and run the effect successfully on the platform without issue. Since then, I have revisited the project and am attempting to get it to run on Daisy Seed Rev7.

When I went to test the pedal with my new seed, the same software was running with an incredible amount of noise. Here are two examples of daisy seed rev5 vs rev7 flashed with input routed to output.

This seems like really very very bad… perhaps there is something we are not accounting for with the new revision… Does anyone have a solution to this or is this just the codecs performance?

as a note: the input to this is from an audio interface ~10dbFS below full output (not a guitar level signal)



  1. how do you do the power supply to the terrarium and do you cut the USB connection to the PC when playing?
  2. What kind of noise are we speaking of? I can hear some overdrive noise in your post. Do you mean that kind of noise?
    What amplitude in mVpp is “~10dBFS” ? Did you use exactly the same level?
  3. Is this an exact clone of Terrarium, same parts and schematic?

One significant difference between Rev5 and Rev7 is in my opinion, that the codec of Rev7 is running at 4.5V and if it’s supply comes from USB then Daisy’s regulator has very low voltage difference to operate, so an additional 9V battery (6*AAA) can make a difference. But this in my case was about background noise. ( Rev 7 noise floor vs Rev 4 - Troubleshooting and Support - Daisy Forums (electro-smith.com) )