Daisy Seed support added to Orastron Brickworks DSP library

Hello everybody and nice to e-meet you.

I’m the founder and CEO of a small DSP firm from Italy named Orastron and I’m glad to share that we’ve added explicit support for the Daisy Seed board in the latest release of our free/open source Brickworks DSP library.

In a nutshell, you can see Brickworks as an alternative to DaisySP which aims to be ubiquitous (desktop, web, and now Daisy Seed are supported, Android/iOS coming next) and to come with a larger set of algorithms.

Developing for the Daisy Seed was a breeze thanks to libDaisy - it took us literaly a couple of days to get the whole work done, so I want to congratulate and express my gratitude to the Electro-Smith team. Excellent job!

As of now we have all effect and synth examples working on the board. For the effects, input parameters are controlled by potentiometers branched to the ADCs while CPU load information and output parameters are transmitted as text over the USB serial interface. In the case of synths we used the board as a USB MIDI slave, instead, with parameters being mapped to MIDI CCs - yet this precluded using USB serial. We’ll likely soon add MIDI over UART as an alternative to free the USB serial interface, but we’d also love to have the board behave as a USB host (is that feasible? any pointers?)

I stop it here. I’d be happy to give you any further information if you want.



Thank you for adding support for Daisy and sharing, Stefano! This is exciting!

Please feel free to keep us posted on the progress here and also on Discord It would be great to have you join there and share the Brickworks DSP library on a channel like ‘general’.