Daisy Seed STM chip warm when plugged in, windows says malfunctioned

I have a brand new Daisy Seed out of the box. I’ve updated the browser using Zadig, and I just successfully programmed a Daisy Patch using the same cable. The Daisy Seed gets warm (quite a bit warmer than the functioning Daisy Patch that I have), and when trying to use the online programmer, I have the option of connecting to “Daisy Seed Built In” but not “DFU in FS Mode” like the instructions say. When connecting to the Daisy Seed, the “Flash Blink” and “Program” buttons aren’t clickable. When I hold down boot, click reset, Windows says USB device not recognized and that the device malfunctioned. Did I just get a bad board?

When a Daisy device has been programmed with a .bin that sets it up as a USB device, it identifies itself as ‘Daisy Seed Built In’ . If you then do the button press thing, it will report itself as ‘DFU in FS Mode’. I don’t use Windows, but at that point you should be able to connect to DFU in FS Mode in Web Programmer, and flash the device. Without knowing specifically what is programmed in your Seed, I’d draw no conclusion from how hot it seems, but from what you’ve described, I also wouldn’t conclude that there is anything wrong.

Everything seems as it should other than it being warm, and then after I ender bootloader mode with the buttons, the computer says it malfunctioned, and the device disappears from options to connect to entirely, there is no DFU in FS Mode option, and then it gets warm. It does appear to be doing a blink sketch, or at least is blinking, but I’m unable to load anything onto the board.

Update: The device is now working after plugging in through a USB hub with the same cable, but was not recognized on any of the USB ports directly plugged into my computer. Solved, but not sure why!

Wow, that sure is opposite from common situation I’ve seen of devices that don’t work with a hub but do work when directly attached. Is it a powered USB hub? - that might explain it for a power hungry device like a Daisy Seed getting warm.

I wonder what program is flashed in Seed before shipping? Apparently it’s a program with USB configured.
The hub thing is interesting.

It is a powered hub, so at least it’s not competing for power from the usb port from the computer, but not exactly sure why that would work, especially when the patch I also programmed from the USB port directly on my computer did work.

I don’t understand why it does work with a hub - kind of ‘grasping at straws’ here - but my thought was there might be some kind borderline power problem, and a powered hub might just bypass the power problem.