Daisy Seed examples wont play audio - Visual Studio Code C++

Has anyone else had the issue of not being able to play audio of the daisy seed using the programs in the example folder? I have been able to run the Blink example just fine, but any other example will compile and load onto the Daisy Seed, however no audio comes out. I am on Windows 10 using Visual Studio Code as my IDE. I have been able to follow along with the Oscillator video tutorial and it works fine with the Arduino IDE but not VSCode. In the photo I’ve included, I noticed when running "task build-and-program-dfu” that a file path precedes the Error 74 message, which doesn’t appear in the tutorial. Any help on fixing this issue is much appreciated.

The ‘Error 74’ is ‘expected’ so don’t worry about that.

I’d make sure that libDaisy is up-to-date. An old version of libDaisy won’t know how to use the pcm3060 codec on recent Seed.

Do you get any compiler warnings or linker errors before flashing?