Daisy Seed doesnt connect with my PC

Hey there,

I recently bought the Daisy Seed and after Breadboard etc arrived last friday I was excited to build my project this weekend. I have been working on a basic version of gen~ code that I originally made in pure data to flash onto Daisy via the Max MSP oopsy.daisy object.
After hooking up Mono Ins/Outs and Grounds I flashed my code onto it but didnt get any audio so I rewired it and flashed a basic sine wave to Out 1 onto it which worked. So I re-flashed my original gen~ code and got working audio, however it was really noisy and glitchy (seems like a CPU issue eventhough Im not sure why Im only using two alternation 0.5 sec buffers). To see if it sounds different I changed the samplerate in oopsy.daisy from 48k to 32k and flashed that version. Since then the LED indicates that Daisy is in Bootloader but doesnt connect to my PC anymore and the ARM chip gets really hot.
Im not sure if its completely broken or I can still save it and also would like to why it even happened in the first place. Does anybody have any idea? I havent seen if anybody had the same issue or at least I couldnt find it. Ill post this to the Slack too and will contact the customer service.

Thanks in advance!

PS whenever it works again or I returned it and got a new one I’d love if anyone can check out my gen~ patch and maybe can tell me why it doesnt work on daisy; file and buffer size should within what daisy is capable of.

This happened with my Daisy when using the wrong USB cable (one without data transfer i.e. just a charging cable) the ARM chip got too hot to touch! I let it rest for awhile–then tested with a USB cable that has “data-transfer” (and labelled it with some tape) then re-flashed Blink. It is still alive.

As far as using OOPSY, I have no experience, but this is a pretty extensive article:
It mentions using mstosamps~, oopsy.ctrl.smooth* , samplerate as well as delay samplerate as methods for mitigating the software<->hardware gap (Max runs at 44.100 kHz), noise, and maybe smoothing-out some issues you are facing.

I hope things work out for you, and you’re able to make your project a reality.