Daisy Seed Development Kit

I was fed up with constant breadboarding when I seemed to use a common set of component modules, so I got some of them printed up as PCBs, made a breakout board and created this development kit. I added the source code to Github and here it is! I think I saw someone had done something similar? Also, the components can be used with Arduino and RPi so there will be updates for them, as well as more components for the Daisy Seed in future!

Demo: https://youtu.be/sGi7Sy4ES4g

Github: GitHub - lucidcoding/daisy-seed-development-kit

Edit: I might be interested in making this collaborative if anyone wants to branch the code and raise a PR!


Very nice - I think I’ll order some PCBs.

Suggestion: make sure MIDI can handle running status.

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Thank you! Not quite sure what you mean about the Midi but feel free to do a PR if you like! That goes for everyone else too!

I love this idea of making a development kit that’s modular! Potential for community collaboration :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I hope so!

This looks great! I might order a few pcbs too

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By the way, if anyone is near Manchester UK, I have some extra copies of the board if anyone wants them!