Daisy Seed COM port not visible in Arduino IDE

I have followed both the Web Programmer and the Arduino starting guide on github. I am using Windows 10.
Programming the Daisy Seed with the web programmer works, so I guess it is not a USB connection issue. But when using the Arduino IDE I can’t see the COM port on which the Daisy is connected. It was visible 2 days ago, but after going through the web programming install guide, the COM port didn’t appear anymore in the Arduino IDE. I also tried the BOOT/RESET knob sequence.

Here is a screenshot:

The COM port 3 is a printer port and not the Daisy Seed.


Hey @Jason

The Daisy will only show up as a COM port if the program running on it is using the serial library.

For programming via USB from arduino you’ll need to make sure the DFU Upload Method is selected, and then you can program it with the upload button while the Daisy is in the bootloader mode.

Hi Shensley,

Thanks alot! It’s as you describe.
I now understand that I don’t need to search for a COM port for uploading.

The uploading worked after a few tries with the method you and the starter guide described. The program works! Thx.