Daisy Sampler capabilities

I just got hip to the Daisy patch and was hoping to design a sampler for it. Potentially even using the seed.

Ideally I’d like it to be able to play back potentially long files. 10min+ although usually it would be shorter files/songs.

Is this feasible with the Daisy platform?

I love the idea of using the patch because of the multiple ins and outs. I’m also curious if I could use the seeds to create something similar to the Daisy patch.

I’m essentially just trying to create something that can playback wav files and have pitch and volume control.

I’ve never used max or pure data or anything similar. Very familiar with eurorack and synthesis and I know these are two different worlds im just curious if the Daisy platform could accommodate these ideas or if I’m better off doing more research into teensy.

I know the Dirtywave m8 runs off teensy which does much more than I need but might be better suited for the longer wav files.