Daisy POD SD Detect?

I’m looking over the schematics of the Daisy POD and it looks like the SD-Card detect switch is not actually connected to an input on the Daisy (GPIO). Just looking for confirmation on this.

I’d like to be able to safely detect when a card has been inserted or removed. I’m eventually going to build my own hardware but it would be nice to test on the POD.


The pod does not have the detect pin connected. We wanted to have the SPI and I2C ports exposed on the pod for people to add/experiment with additional peripherals, and there were no additional pins left to spare for the detect switch.

You could write a polling-based check to see if a card is inserted, though obviously this is a bit more work than just checking a switch. When we get back to SDMMC development for libdaisy we’ll add some method of checking for this with and without the switch connected, but we’re still a little ways out on that.

Thank you, that’s about what I figured. The card detect switch is certainly less important than providing SPI / I2C. I’m looking into alternate polling methods as well so I’ll post anything I find.

Thank you again, these Daisies are certainly singing!