Daisy Pod MIDI no response to Keystep 32 or 37 but can run by Toolbox, audio level cannot match Eurorack

I have loaded the 8-voice Synth and run the seq from my 1010music Toolbox well. However, it never sound if I hook up directly with my Arturia Keystep, both 32 and 37. My Essential 61 can make the Pod sound by the way.
For the audio, it sound good if directly hooked a headphone or active speaker, like my Bose. But signal level could not match with any of the Eurorack mixer or audio input. Strange!

‘hook up directly with my Arturia Keystep, both 32 and 37’ ? Using USB, or 5-pin MIDI? If 5-pin MIDI, what adapter did you use?

Signal level of Seed and Pod are not expected to be as ‘hot’ as Eurorack. This is normal. The Patch has amplifiers to bring audio output to Eurorack levels.

Thanks for the audio level info.

For the MIDI, I have two types of TRS to DIN 5 adaptors as I have mixed MIDI instruments. Both types of adaptors could not make my Keystep to drive the Pod. Instead I used a TRS to TSR ( pin swap ) to connect my 1010music Toolbox to Pod and worked perfectly. I could use my Essential 61 MIDI Out to the TRS to drive my Pod. Expecting the MIDI signal level not strong enough. Measured amplitude not up to 3.3 v.

BTW, Keystep MIDI to my Toolbox and then from Toolbox MIDI to Pod work perfectly.

DIN MIDI is a serial stream on a current loop. The DC voltage measured across the MIDI signal pins will depend on the actual data being sent, and the load resistance.

My Daisy Pod works correctly with my Keystep 32 on DIN MIDI. Since you say two different Keystep (32 and 37) don’t work, it seems possible that there is a problem on your POD.

Anyway, the MIDI signal required for my Pod obviously needed to be higher. All other MIDI Out can make it response but my Keysteps. Luckily my Essential 61 can drive it running.

I have another China made folded piano with MIDI, works with the Roland gears but never talked to the USB powered Arduino MIDI board.