Daisy Pod Display

For Daisy Pod applications that use the two RGB LEDs for status display, I wrote a simple Arduino sketch that translates the LED colors to human-readable text displayed on an LCD plugged on an Arduino Uno. It also captures the pots: Daisy Pod Display

The sketch is configured for the Pollen(8), meaning that it shows its color menus in readable format.

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Sounds nice.Can you share a screenshot of the pod with display?
Also, what is the exact LCD display type (+link to where to buy it?)

(by the way, I really wish Pollen(8) could be recompiled for Daisy Patch)

It is just a standard 2x16 alphanumeric display with 16-pin connector & backlight on pins 15 & 16. Mine happened to be green. You can buy those anywhere (online).

Top line shows menu/section name (red = Filter), bottom line shows parameters controlled by P1 & P2 (cyan = filter EG & LFO depth), their values are on the right (0-99). Another way of displaying would be to give each parameter its own line.

You can make it a bit nicer with e.g. an add-on board plugged on the Daisy Pod and take the 5V from the pod as well. Or make it all 3V3.


Hi, I’ve thought about this but was concerned about powering from 5V and then input/reading the ready line prior to writing. Most LCD don’t like 3V3

Did one myself with some tweak on the LCD wiring.