Daisy Petal Example: MultiEffect

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to share that we recently added the MultiEffect Example to the Daisy Web Programmer for the Petal.

Created and ported by @ben_serge, MultiEffect allows you to process your sound using Delay, Reverb, Bitcrushing, and Wah effects. Each has their own Dry/Wet mixes as well as a Master Dry/Wet.

We also updated the MultiEffect Web Programmer page which includes a new diagram template and embedded video that you can checkout!

Let us know what you think!


Definitely has a bug. Bitcrush gets stuck on or the reverb buffers (or I have no clue) glitch out.
Luckily you can just reset the Seed and poof, it runs. BUT mix parameter defaults are set to 100% Dry, unfortunately.
The verb is perfect for guitars.
The auto-wah sensitivity doesn’t really get you where you want to go for a guitar. Would benefit from a more sensitive detector for the filter
The on/off switches for the verb and delay don’t match the order of their knob numbers and it makes me a little nuts.
Persistent memory of previous mix setting would make this super amazing and it’s amazing enough already as “just a demo”!
Who do I pay to customize a firmware?


Thank you for pointing these out!

We will get on fixing the firmware and will post the update here once it’s complete.

Are you flashing from the programmer or the command line?
If it’s the command line, have you made sure you have the latest versions of libdaisy/DaisySP?

Is there a specific series of things that make it freeze or is it random seeming?

I used the web programmer