Daisy Petal and Ableton

Hi everyone,

I am just getting started with working with uploading the code examples to the daisy. So far I am able to upload the delay code, for example, quite easily.

However, when I go to Ableton and plug my guitar in through the “IN L” and out through one of the outputs and into my audio interface, I get this really annoying buzzing sound. I can hear the delay effect coming through when I change the dials so I know I uploaded the code correctly.

Would I be able to get any guidance on eliminating this buzzing sound. PS. buzzing also gets worse when I connect the petal to a 9v power supply

Thanks in advance!

Does the annoying buzz persist with the USB cable detached from your computer?

If it does it seems like you may have a grounding issue, or potentially a bad cable.

Knowing a few more details about your configuration (guitar, audio interface, anything else in the chain, etc.) would also be helpful in further troubleshooting.

Have you tried testing it using a 9V battery ? Always the first thing to try when you have an unwanted audio buzz as it isolates whether it’s the equipment or the power supply.