Daisy Patchwerks video

Does anyone know where to find the Daisy examples demonstrated in this video?
He mentions that he contributed them back to the community but I haven’t been able to find them.

Thanks so much.

It sounds like he was sharing them on his private discord. We should get in touch with him and get them added to our repos!

Which patches are you looking to try out? I added a sample for a quad/stereo mixer as well as a simple oscillator with an envelope (c.m.barth from allotrope ijk and raw yaw media)

The oscillator in that demo I’ve been debating productizing so I didn’t share the full code for it. The filter library used for the dj filter is on GitHub but was pretty large to add to the Daisy samples library.

This is the filter library:

For the dj filter ranges I’ve been using a lot of bark band frequencies. Definitely inspired by verbos bark filter.