Daisy Patch Submodule power supply


Is it possible to power the Daisy Patch Submodule with just +5v ?
Also, can it be powered via USB (only) ?
The Datasheet seems to indicate that it is not possible (6/-6V limits) but maybe there is a workaround at the cost of missing functionalities ?

I just wonder if it is possible to perform DSP tests (Audio In/Out + MIDI via UART + some pots but no CV) without a +12/-12/+5V power supply.

Many thanks!

The operational amplifiers are powered from +/-12V, They have to be powered on for any analog I/O or pots to work.

According to modulargrid, the daisy patch uses 95mA on the +12V rail, and 95mA on the -12V rail.

Maybe get something like this:

Synthrotek USB Power

  • Power output, depending on DC-DC converter:

    • Cincon

      • +12V: 125mA
      • -12V: 125mA
      • +5V: 0-125mA*
    • Recom

      • +12V: 250mA
      • -12V: 250mA
      • +5V: 0-125mA*+5
    • * The amount of 5V current available will vary depending upon the current draw on the +/-12V rails.

I have one of these - no Patch though:

USB Boost DC 5 24V 19v to dual power +12V, 12V +5V 5V +3.3V Linear Regulato|Replacement Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress

Input voltage: 5-24V DC
Output voltage: + 12V, -12V, + 5V, -5V , +3.3V.
Output current: 300mA (per channel)

Many thanks for the information, Jens Peter!
I have built a Eurorack PSU/Case but would like to use a more portable solution in some (dev) situations.
This small USB DC-DC Boost board seems to be a nice candidate.

Thanks again.