Daisy patch SM?


I see some refs about a daisy_patch_sm on the code.
Is there any details about this new hardware ?



Good eye!

We don’t have any public details yet, but expect some exciting news in 1-2 weeks.

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Okay ! Thx, can’t wait to know more :wink:

Well you can know more by just looking at board files you’ve mentioned, so let’s speculate:

  • 8 ADC inputs (Patch had 4), 2 gate outs (Patch had 1)
  • 2 CV outs, 2 gate ins like on Patch
  • same QSPI chip
  • different codec, 2 channels only. not DC coupled, before anyone asks - looks like the codec has a permanent HPF
  • there’s some code for testing SDRAM and it only uses 16 MB, but there’s no difference in SDRAM timings or anything indicating that a smaller chip is used. this probably means that only part of SDRAM gets tested rather than a different chip.
  • no encoder present
  • MIDI UART, SD card and display are not present in BSP at the moment, but the pins that they use are named accordingly. I suppose it’s waiting for some changes to software.
  • comes with S&M themed front panel. oh wait, it doesn’t say that. anyway, looks like it’s a similar approach to what was done for 2HP Loop and doesn’t use Daisy Seed itself, but is close enough to be supported by libDaisy without too much modifications.

Hey ! Thx antisvin :wink:
Didn’t catch the board files were available.
Looks promising … A little sad my patch seems suddenly so old.
But \o/ hey Electro Smith: it’s awesome the development & eco system of the daisy is moving forward !!!
Great news !

It looks like we’re trading 2 extra audio channels and encoder for 4 CV inputs + 1 gate output here. For me the former is generally more useful. So OG Patch is in no way obsolete by this device, but having more options is always welcome.

Besides that, the old AK4556 codec has been unobtainable for a while and it’s in end of life status on manufacturer page. Seems like it’s a solution to that as well.

@antisvin only CV inputs? No outputs? I’d say that would be a big missed opportunity to make Daisy into the most customizable eurorack sequencer ever.

I don’t think we need other modules telling daisy what to do. We need daisy running the show. It’s a CV modulation MACHINE.

My latest idea is to use a second Daisy as a midi controller with 16 knobs to midi control sequencer steps on Daisy patch. (Yo dawg, I head you like Daisy’s…). But with only 2 CV outs, you just get one instrument. And no display of what your sequencer is doing via oopsy.

It has 2 CV outputs as well. And there are only 2 DAC channels on this MCU, so extra channels must be added with external DAC.

Meanwhile, board for Seed has received an update for a new revision with WM8731 codec. No other differences in hardware, plus it can be determined at runtime which version is it running on.

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Damn that’s a real shame. 2 CV outputs get you one synthesizer with velocity and no modulation. I feel like a big thing in eurorack is the way you can modulate and make things into a more living sort of instrument. Daisy seems well suited because not only can you program neat things with max, but it also has midi in and clock in. So doing tempo synced effects and sequenced envelopes is very doable.

Unfortunately installing extra chips is a bit beyond me. But I have gotten a seed and seeing if I can make it into an 8 knob midi controller to augment Daisy patch…

Idk IMO the things that would make Daisy most useful is less audio inputs and more knobs, which dang those audio ins could be knobs theoretically. And less CV in and more CV out.

I love digital stuff but at least for me it’s hard to use it when I have a computer right there. But computer isn’t hands on and in some cases, custom, has latency etc. in that way I feel Daisy is just the perfect thing to augment eurorack.

The 1-2 weeks are over by now. Is there any news on Patch SM?


That was a long two weeks indeed!
Sorry for the delay.

We have an announcement slated for next Tuesday, January 25th.
There will be a post on the forum as well as our mailing list and social media channels.