Daisy patch screen is blank when i upload program

i just purchased a used Electrosmith Daisy Patch.
i followed instructions on how to upload an example program. i went to web programmers page, did the Boot/Reset and then i saw the DFU and connected successfully. i then chose patch example and clicked on Flash Blink and it went through motions but once message showed done, all i get is a black screen. i can’t even get the 4 bars up like when i 1st put in rack. I am using Windows platform. Can someone please help and advise me what to do.

Hi rhampton!

My understanding is that the blink example is not programmed to do anything with the OLED screen.
So I recommend flashing the other Patch example firmware (specifically the DSP ones) and it should display something on the OLED :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply…And thanks so much…i really appreciate it…i love this unit…i’m not a programmer unfortunately. All i intentions is to just upload other peoples programs and just enjoy the moment…But what i would like to know,is there a site that has more .bin files? instead of what’s on the web programmer page? if i choose Patch then Examples, then i’m subject to just a few…is there more? i would love to experience a semi-complex Osc or Sequencer…Any suggestions?


That’s perfectly valid :slight_smile:

What you see on the Daisy Web Programmer site are all the Patch examples that we provide at the moment. BUT, we are definitely considering a “community project” page on our website where you can try out all the cool projects that the members of our community members shared.
In the meantime, you can also search around this forum and our discord server to see if there are projects that you would like to try out!