Daisy Patch power over USB

Hey there, I just got my Daisy Patch and am starting to play around with it. One thing I noticed is that when powering the Daisy over the USB connection it doesn’t seem to provide enough power for the whole module. In particular I see this tearing effect on the screen. When running off the Euro power it looks fine. I just wanted to make sure that 1) this is expected and 2) that it’s safe to flash the Daisy when it’s powered in this fashion. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be but I thought I’d double check because it’s nice not to have to have it in a powered case to program it.

Hey @dylan, welcome to the forum!

  1. This is completely normal. The display is not powered by the Seed, which is why you see the strange tearing effect.

  2. Yes it is completely safe to flash it without powering the complete module.

Hope this helps!

Hi! new user here :slight_smile:
Is it ok to have the Daisy filed or patch, powered and connected at the same time to the usb for programming the usb or this is incompatible.
Meaning i have to upload code with usb cable, unplug and after plu psu cable.
Dont want to fry anything :slight_smile:

@Topa Yep! No problem at all.

Thanks for the quick reply!
So psu + usb is ok?

@Topa yep! Totally fine

Thanks @ben_serge :slight_smile: