Daisy patch multichannel audio?

hi all,

i’m debating buying a daisy as a christmas present for myself, but i have some questions about the patch…

are there actually 4 independent output channels available? and can you use all 4 while using 4 inputs? i’m a bit confused since the daisy pinout only shows 2 channels of ins and outs - is there an extra i2s dac on board or is it repurposing analog outs or something? i’ve read that bela converts analog outs on it’s multichannel cape, but there is supposedly some loss of quality due to aliasing issues, so perhaps daisy does something similar?

ultimately my goal is to be able to independently process multiple inputs in real time and add some basic effects. i’d like to connect it in as an insert on for channels of an yamaha analog mixer, which that brings me to my second question: is all eurorack audio at a higher p2p voltage, or just the cv signals? if i’m only working with +4dBu (1.75 V p2p) signals in the mixer, and the patch is designed for much larger voltages (i’ve read up to 10 V p2p), so i worry that my signals will be lost down in the noise floor (although 24 bit audio might help?). maybe I would need an external preamp? i was hoping to just be able to us the daisy patch by itself…

two other questions:

  • would it be possible to tap into the uart/usb pins on the patch to provide midi over usb?
  • is the headphone out on the pod and field independent from the main/line outs? (i guess this could be the extra 2 channels…)

thanks for your advice, i hope this is a viable solution so i can excuse buying a new toy :laughing:

4 channels are present on Daisy patch and it uses second stereo codec on device itself. It has nothing to do with ADC inputs. I’m pretty sure that all other devices haven’t used this approach and are stereo only.

You certainly will have to use eurorack level signals to utilize full codec resolution.

USB MIDI is not supported on Daisy yet. But this is a software issue that would be solved some time next year. There’s no need to use MCU pins for this, UART is connected to jacks on Daisy Patch and device port is the one on Daisy.

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thanks @antisvin, i think i’m sold on it at this point!

I also found a good solution to the level issue referenced in this post (Will Pod support eurorack-level audio I/O?)

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