Daisy Patch Imposter

After a couple of projects, I have abstracted access to libdaisy so much, that I could actually swap the hardware for a PC program based on the Qt library. This allows me to develop my projects in a more convenient fashion and iron out the most severe bugs before deploying it onto daisy patch itself.

Of course all the abstraction does bloat my code and I am not using DaisySP, so it is probably only helpful to a handful of people.
The code can be found here.


Great code style and lots of useful classes! Thanks for sharing! Starred!

I forgot to mention: inputs are scriptable via python. The settings dialog pop ups when you double click the daisy icon.

Very, very cool. I hope to dig deeper into this when I get a chance. Perhaps even port it to the kxmx_bluemchen. Thank you so much for sharing your work! Starred as well.

Starred! So cool! Can’t wait to read through the source a bit more, and try it out!

Amazing! This is so helpful!
Let’s say one wanted to use your abstractions with the VCV Rack API, how straightforward would that be?

You would have to rewrite everything that is in the “Imposter” folder and all the parts in the “Base” folder that are guarded by NON_DAISY_DEVICE ifdefs.

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