Daisy patch for sale

Hi, I see some posts in which people mention they just bought a Daisy Patch.
Where is it for sale ?
I don’t see any in stores here in Europe.


Hi. I’m in the UK and I bought mine from schneidersladen .de (Germany)

Edit: think I got the last one this week as it’s out of stock there now (sorry!)

I got it from the manufacturer :wink::

Shipping was about 7 days to Germany.

Thanks for your replies.
The module hasn’t been available in Schneidersladen for weeks, I’ve been keeping an eye on it there.

Never thought of buying it in the US. How does that work ? Are there extra taxes charged by customs ?

They had one last weekend :wink: I got it.

If you buy from the US you’ll likely get charged VAT, duty and courier fees before delivery can take place and you should pay the VAT exempt price on the store. Check you do so you don’t get charged VAT twice.

Hope you can find one soon.

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Thank you Philip for your answer.

And are you happy with your new module ? :grinning:

@juaper yes very much so far. Only had it a few days so I’m very ‘beginner’ and I’ve just switched from pure data to oopsy/max and I’m getting somewhere now. It’s integration is way ahead of the Pd one so I might need to pay for Max after the trial :smiley: Just made my first patch - a simple ping pong delay. Lots more to learn now…

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In case you’re still looking Juno in the UK are in stock. I just got an alert which I forgot to cancel.

Thanks @Philip
Ordered :grinning:

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