Daisy Field Audio Outputs 1 and 2

Hello, I just finally got to where I can flash the Daisy with Max patches via Oopsy. I had the MODFM working and was having a difficult time understanding why the left audio channel was so much lower output than the right. So I altered the patch to make it so the Out 1 and Out 2 outputs were getting the same exact audio. Again finding that the audio outs were at wildy different levels. I then tried balanced TRS cables, no help, I then put regular TS cables back in, and discovered I only got proper audio levels if I pulled the cable out some and delicately had it resting at a partial input connection…can someone please help me out with this ? Is my new Field just plain wired incorrectly ?

Hi Jeff,

I’m sorry again for the delay in response.
I just replied to your email about this. It may be a hardware problem, but I will keep you posted about it over there.