Daisy fast enough for FM polysynth?

hi folks, I’ve been wanting to make a versatile chord synth for my rig, and am wondering if anyone can attest to the Daisy being fast enough for 8-10 voices of 6 op FM? I would probably build it in CSound at first.


It should be fast enough as long as you’re using reasonably fast sine oscillator code (i.e. use a LUT or CMSIS maths).

Btw, FAUST has an emulation of DX7 algorithms in its standard library - dx7 - Faust Libraries . You may be able to use it polyphonically if you won’t run out of flash space on Daisy.

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Absolutely is. Check out @hammondeggsmusic ’s Pollen8 2.0 for Daisy Field

thanks, much appreciated.

The (upcoming) Knobula Poly Cinematic is also made with Daisy:

It’s a very nice module with some great UI ideas as well.