Daisy Delay and Reverb

Let me be the first to post here by a little bit of self promotion. I’m working on an effect for a eurorack synth for delay and reverb. I had a spring reverb already and I thought just to use the daisy for delay, but I really liked it’s reverb too so I will include it too. You can tell that the spring reverb is analog compared to the daisy reverb, which still sounds a little sampled even at 96khz, but the tone of it is richer than my spring reverb at least. Here’s a video with a single analog oscillator through the daisy. I also mixed in the spring reverb a little bit, because reverb is never quite enough. The glitches are due to the recording by the way. OBS studio ruined the quality a bit…


Thank you so much for sharing this (and also for being the first to use the new category)!!

This is sounding awesome. Very hypnotic jam :sparkles:
Was the analog oscillator sound from the DIY module that you made? DIY Voltage Controlled Oscillator - YouTube
I checked out your other videos and the DIY modules are super cool! Would be amazing to see a Daisy-powered DIY module being part of the rig.

Keep us posted with projects and jams!

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Thank you for the kind words sir, I’m glad you enjoyed the tune :slight_smile: . Yes, exactly, this is the oscillator I used here. I grabbed the PWM output with an LFO on the duty cycle. I also cannot wait to finish the reverb/delay project with the Daisy Seed! The little device sounds so cool and I would probably be looking also to add more modules with it. Cheers!