Daisy crashes using ReverbSc with 96k sample rate

My daisy seed always crashes when I run reverbsc with 96k sample rate. It’s works perfectly with 48k sample rate. After further debugging, I found that ReverbSc::Init returned 1, looks like the maximum delay time had exceeded. Can I fix this by simply modify the value
#define DSY_REVERBSC_MAX_SIZE 98936 ?
If so, how big should I set the value to?
Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

You can adjust that value to increase the allowed memory. However, it likely won’t fit in the internal SRAM (Actual memory usage is sizeof(float) * DSY_REVERBSC_MAX_SIZE), so 4x the 98936 value.

You can declare this on the external SDRAM without any issues:

daisysp::ReverbSc DSY_SDRAM_BSS my_verb;

Hope that answers your question!


Thanks for the reply. However, I got an error when compiling.

I guess that’s because SDRAM is not yet supported in the Arduino environment?
Or am I doing something wrong here?

Ah, yes. I had assumed you were using the C++ environment and not Arduino.

We are working to add RAM support to Arduino, but it is not yet supported. Sorry about that!

@shensley Is there a list somewhere that specifies which features are (not) supported (yet) in the Arduino environment? I get the impression that some audio processing code is running less fast when compiled in the arduino environment.

I am working on creating roadmaps for planned features/fixes for both the c++ libraries, and Arduino. As soon as they’re done we’ll be sharing them on here, and keeping them up to date on each project’s repo.