Daisy Codec output gain

Is it possible to turn up the output gain on the daisy seed in hardware so I can drive my headphones? I have 250 ohm cans (beyerdynamic Amiron wired and beyerdynamic T1’s 600ohm )- I don’t really want to have to add a amp board (and all the noise issues that come with that) unless I have to. They are pretty loud directly on the line out, but I’d probably want the output to be 1.5x louder! I’d like that for extra headroom when I start to Add EQ e.t.c.

Gotta say so far - the Seed has totally impressed me, got some great stream playback running along with hi-frame rate 320x170x16bit LCD,


Typically, you would add a headphone amp circuitry to the project similar to how the Daisy Pod does it (schematic).
I have connected an earbud directly to the Seed’s output and it wasn’t too bad though, haha. Good enough to casually play outdoor. It did clip easily tho.

Thx for the reply - yeah I don’t really wanna add a amp board - my board is already totally cramped. My wired 250ohm amirons sound great until I play modern metal at full whack (u know hot limiter production - architects/periphery e.t.c) and the bass starts to distort. My 600ohm T1’s sound bad all around - distorted bass no matter what - and that’s to be expected. I have zero electronic skills - I just wondered if there was something I could do to the AK circuit to drive my cans. If I find a simple solution - i’ll post it! Currently I limit my output volume to out*0.33f and that gives me enough headroom for EQ later on, and is decently loud enough for my lower Ohm cans.