Daisy as on/off controller for other effects circuits

Hi there, So i want to use the trill sensors and they require I2C communication.
Note- this is going to be in the guitar, so onboard effects.

I would like to run the guitar signal to the Daisy and have 2 other effect PCB circuits routed into the Daisy that can be switched on/off via trill sensors.

From my understanding the guitar level needs a preamp to bring to line-level and then get converted to digital? what about the 2 other effects circuits? can i not just plug them into the analogue inputs on the Daisy? Could I use part of the PedalPCB Terrarium for the input section and cut out the rest?


Hi, no advice on the programming side, but yes, guitar signal is generally quieter than line level, but the output can vary wildly between different guitar pickups and playing styles. The easiest would be to have a trim pot, or knob for input gain, with an LED that lights up when it clips your A/D.

You may know this already from working with analog effects but the first stage the guitar pickup sees should have a high input impedance, like >250k ohms, 1 meg is common. For that, I like a FET input, either discrete JFET buffer, like this:


or a FET input op amp in non inverting configuration, like TL072.
Here’s an example of front end for digital effects, one of the Digitech Whammies- it has hi Z input, variable gain, and signal+clip indicator. Only caveat is that it uses a bipolar supply, +/- 5v:

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So that Jfet buffer would suffice… run that into the audio too digital converter?

So guitar signal - > JFet circuit -> daisy analogue in
Which pin insert to I insert the FX pub circuits?
Anything needed for the Dasit output that goes to the amplifier?