CV output issues

Hello everyone!

I am trying to design a simple LFO in PD with my Daisy Seed but I am having some trouble:

As far as I have understood from the component description in the Pd2dsy GitHub page the CVouts accepts floating point values in the 0-1 range.

Here’s what I am trying to do, I left the number boxes in the picture on purpose but erased them before compiling:


The left part of the patch (output cvout1, pin D23) works fine, I get a 0-3.3V ramp on my scope, but I get no output on cvout2 (pin D22).

I thought it could be the [snapshot~] object that outputs a float that’s too big, so i tried “smoothing out” the value with the modulo object on the right but nothing changed.

Am i missing something?

I already tried to switch the outputs and there’s no issue with pin D22, currently I am using the Patch JSON file.

It seems that I can get a 0-3.3V output only if I send a float from a [line] object to the [s cvout1 @hv_param] one.

Any help would be really appreciated, thank you in advance!

The issue here is that your patch does not have any audio i/o and at the moment the compiler will not evaluate any signal objects.
I’m considering to instead turn this on by default and only disable signal objects if you explicitly disable it.

Add an [adc~] or [dac~] object to the patch and it should work :slight_smile:

If you are using plugdata you can also use [bang~] to trigger the [snapshot~] on every cycle.
I tested this on the Field and it works great:


Routing the cvout2 back into cv2 with a patch cable, to then display it on the Knob1 LED.

Hello dreamer, thank you!

I finally had the time to try it and it worked :slight_smile:

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