Cv output 2 duplicates the first one in daisy patch

Hello! I found that the second CV output of my patch is not available and duplicates the voltage that I supply to the first output. I am not ready to send my module back to America for replacement. Before I give it to the master for re-soldering, I would like to make sure that this is not normal behavior.

Hi @agrabovskiy,

Could you could you share some example code that exhibits this behavior (or just share which example you’re using if it’s not custom firmware). That’ll help us verify whether it’s something in the firmware or on your hardware.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately I’m not at home now and can’t send screenshots. I use dev fork of oopsy and just connect cv in to cv out.
param ctrl1_test1 → out 5 cv1
param ctrl2_test2 → out 6 cv2
I use multimeter for controlling output voltage and second knob don’t affect to second cv out. But it duplicate the first one.

@shensley , Are you here? :slight_smile:

Hi @agrabovskiy

Sorry for the delay, this could very easily be a bug in the dev branch of oopsy. As there have been some fairly recent changes in the underlying code for the CV outputs in the libDaisy library.

To verify that the hardware is working as expected (each output separately controllable) you can run the Patch LFO example (programmable from the Web Programmer). This example controls the CV Output 1 with knobs 1/2, and CV Output 2 with knobs 3/4.

If you verify your hardware is working correctly we can open up a bug report on oopsy for the issue on dev.

Hope that helps!

Yes, indeed, the example from the web programmer works correctly. I created an issue on oopsy github

@shensley I found that the CV outputs can’t send a negative voltage. Is that true?

Sorry for the delay. This is correct. The CV outputs on the daisy patch are configured to output 0V to +5V. This is done on the Daisy Patch hardware. So, with custom hardware, it is possible to configure it to -5V to 5V with a slightly different configuration.