CV Input should be Bipolar?

Does anyone know how to get bipolar CV inputs when using Oopsy/Gen~? I see that the Daisy Patch SM should have CV inputs that are bipolar, but I’m only getting response from positive values. I’m not sure if this is an Oopsy problem? Or a Json thing? I also don’t seem to get negative CV values when using PD2DSY so I’m wondering where this problem might be caused…
Thanks in advance!

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This is a limitation of the current release of Oopsy, but has been resolved in the upcoming release that you can check out here. We’ll be putting together a pre-built zip package soon to make testing the new features a bit easier.

As for pd2dsy, I’m not sure what might be going wrong there. I just double checked on my patch.Init() and it seemed to handle negative inputs just fine. Are you rolling your own JSON for pd2dsy?