Custom Eurorack modules using Faust & Eurorack-blocks!

Hi everyone!

Maybe some of you know, I’m running the Eurorack-blocks project, which aims to develop your own custom Eurorack module (that is with its own custom front panel), with no knowledge in hardware engineering, and basic soldering skills, in a prototype environment that allows you to test the module before you even manufacture it (that is in VCV Rack). It is using the Daisy Patch Submodule.

Before it was C++ only, but we just added a first iteration for Faust integration. And your feedback is important!

If you wish to try this iteration, please read the documentation on Setting up the Environment — Eurorack-blocks documentation

Shown below is the dm.flanger_demo function in samples/faust we use to demo, and test/faust3 used to test audio samples (here used as an oscillator)

If you are up to try it, please don’t hesitate to post here if you have any questions!


The flanger demo got a custom skin, and has been produced in real! :slight_smile: