CubeProgrammer Installation Problem


I have a daisy Seed coming in the post and I am looking forward to trying it out having used Teensy’s many times to create synths etc,

I am stuck however with downloading the CubeProgrammer package. This web site doesn’t send an activation email ( or more correctly I haven’t received it).
I have checked all my spam etc. folders and I have tested the email account myself and used the same email it to join this forum. No activation link has been sent from STM.

Is there somewhere else I can get this software for Arduino (MacOS).


Hey John!
Welcome!! I hope you’re excited for Daisy Seed to arrive.

I saw somewhere that making an account is recommended if there’s an issue of receiving the download link.

Let me know if that works!

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Thanks for your response. It is okay now, it just took hours for the STM site to send the email allowing me to download!!! Never, had to wait that long before…

So, for people looking to download the CubeProgrammer be prepared to have to wait if you don’t create an account.