CS4270 as AK4556 replacement?

I’m looking at the Cirrus Logic CS4270-CZZ as a possible replacement for the AK4556, since functionally it seems to be in the same ballpark as the AKM. Does anybody have any experience with this part?

The configuration is a bit more involved that the AK4556, so I’m wondering if there are any caveats or pitfalls I should watch out for. In particular I’m curious about how it operates in standalone mode, since I don’t want to tie up an I2C interface if I can avoid it.

For anyone that is familiar with this part, am I reading the datasheet right that in standalone mode there is no digital output (i.e., only the DAC portion of the codec is functional)?

I don’t think you do :wink: The datasheet doesn’t seem to imply such major functionality loss in this mode. DAC volume control would become unusable, but it’s explicitly described as attenuation, so you should have full volume by default.

Unfortunately I’ve only dealt with CS4272 (which has somewhat better characteristics at least on paper) and it was configured via SPI.

If you’re open to a different PN, we would recommend using PCM3060PW as a replacement for the AK4556.

That is what we have installed on the Patch SM and some other forthcoming Daisy hardware.

Hehe, thanks. I was confused because pin 7 (SDOUT) is also the mode select pin and must be pulled high or low depending on the desired mode, so I wasn’t sure if it could still be used for serial output. But I guess its presence and description in the standalone mode pin description does indicate that it can be used for both. Thanks for bringing me back to earth. :slight_smile:

@andrewikenberry, I’m definitely open to anything at this point. I had been looking at that part myself, I’ll take a look at how you have employed it on the Patch SM. But it seems to require software control, and unfortunately there are not a lot of spare pins on the Seed.

I’m also looking at two-channel DACs, since I only really need one or two inputs. There are some spiffy looking 8-pin and 10-pin packages out there.