Creating a custom DFU utility

Hello everybody,
I wish to create a custom utility that can upload a new firmware to the Daisy Seed without having to use the STM32CubeProgrammer or other 3rd party software.

Is there a library, an SDK, an API that I can integrate into my code? I am going to write the program with the JUCE framework.

Has such a thing already been done by someone else on here?

I use dfu-util
the downside is that the device must be in dfu mode to be able to upload anything

The Daisy can be put into DFU mode programmatically, which can be useful.

I’m in a similar situation, and I’m attempting to port the Daisy Port of the Owlsy MIDI-based bootloader to work with the Daisy ecosystem. I’m just getting started though.

Is your project open-source?