Connecting multiple Daisy Patches

Hi Daisy community!

Happy Daisy Patch owner here. Still new to the platform and getting up to speed on C++, but I already had a thought: is there any possibility, now or planned, for connecting multiple Daisy Patch units? I ask because being able to access 8 audio inputs & outputs would allow me to develop my dream performance mixer. Is there any prospect of being able to do this or am I dreaming?

Mostly dreaming. There isn’t a way to send audio between multiple Daisy Patch units digitally without sacrificing part of their functionality. That’s because there are no unused MCU pins on it. It’s possible to connect another codec to Daisy Seed, there was a thread with an attempt to make a device with a multi-channel codec on it in this forum.

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Ah well, thanks for the heads up. Guess I’ll stick with my bluebox!