Compiler errors

Excuse my swiss cheese brain:
Where does one see the error when there’s an Oopsy~ compiler error?

I’m getting that with THIS PATCH HERE (Which is shaping up to be nearly what I want for a thing I want for a multi-effect chain :slight_smile: ) and cannot figure out what the error is.
All I know is if I delete the reverb “module” it compiles fine so I repatched that one and it doesn’t change anything. Errors. Soooooo maybe Codebox vomit, hacking and slashing Ernest’s Synthcore code in is what it is probl-maybe?
Any help appreciated.
Enjoy the patch

While I have your attention, is there an easy way in Oopsy~ to flip the screen, as if I mounted a Daisy Patch or a Bluemchen upside down?

After further testing, I’m more perplexed. I must be hitting some kind of memory or parameter limit.
I pulled out each separate “module” into their own Oopsy~ patch and each one compiled with no errors.

O, yeah :slight_smile: plowed right over that 128k limit.
Gonna haveta find a way to shrink that verb
OK feel free to laugh at this

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Just glad you figured it out!

The only other question I have is if there’s a “flip the screen” flag in the JSon?

Not currrently, but it’s a good idea!

If you want to add it as an issue (feature request) in the github, go ahead. I expect to have time to work on Oopsy more significantly in January.

Thank you Graham for all your support and ongoing work!