Compilation slow

Hi all,

It’s wonderful to finally have time to start work with the Seed.

My question is how slow should the compile and upload be. Currently I am experiencing about 2 minutes to compile and upload initially and on subsequent compiles of the same but modified sketch is 8 seconds.

Is this to be expected. My machine is certainly not doing a lot during this time according to Task Manager’s CPU usage and turning anti-virus off doesn’t make any difference.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


I have roughly the same timings. Which is very slow compared to an Axoloti.

Maybe it’s because the code is uploaded in flash memory?

Arduino compilations always seem dead slow for the first build. Same with ESP32 and other platforms. No idea why.

maybe it runs faster afterwards thanks to the disk buffer and other OS and software caches.

Turn on verbose output and you’ll see that, first time you build after starting Arduino IDE, it builds all the libraries, etc, needed for your program on the selected platform. Subsequent builds are faster, as long as you don’t close the IDE or change the target platform.

Arduino IDE isn’t quite smart enough to manage all the dependencies in an ideal fashion. But, to me, it’s not a huge inconvenience.

Thanks to all for the replies. It confirms that my speeds are what’s expected. Now to programming it !