Community Daisy Project: A Year In Review (2023 Edition)

There were so many awesome projects shared in 2023 so let’s wrap up the year with a list! I’m sure there will be projects that I overlooked so please feel free to share them in the thread.
Ok, let’s get started!

1 - Wiggler

Wiggler by @soundWorkshop AKA Fluent Instruments is an expressive monophonic synthesizer with a special key that you can wiggle sideways for vibrato and press down for increasing the volume and opening up a filter. There are “8 keys tuned to a user selectable scale, and they ride on a flexible mechanism called a ‘flexure’ that enables the motion. Wiggler is meant to be an immediate and affordable way to enable people to feel the delight of playing an expressive synth”!
The updated design is looking sleek!

2 - Eisei

Unknown Devices created a quad-oscillator module called Eisei that takes inspiration from stars, planet systems, orbit, and gravity. The space concept is explored beautifully with its design and interface.

3 - DIY Pedal Platform by bkshepherd


Many people start their Daisy journey wanting to design a guitar pedal. PedalPCB Terrarium is of course a great place to start. And if you’re interested in stereo audio, MIDI, OLED, and rotary encoder, check out @kshep’s open-source pedal designs over on GitHub!!

What’s amazing to see is other community members developing firmware with this pedal, like this reverb delay by @keyth72!

4 - Neural Seed Pedal

What if you can use neural networks to emulate the sounds of your dream amps on a DIY pedal that costs around $100? @keyth72 (AKA GuitarML) did just that with the Neural Seed pedal project! This amazing sounding project is open source and DIY-friendly!
GuitarML has built other Daisy-powered pedals, so I highly recommend checking out the other videos on the channel!!

5 - Kodamatone

I’m sure most of you know Otamatone. Community member @litui was personally not the biggest fan of its sound, so her solution was to mod it with the Daisy! In addition to the synth being replaced with it, other new features include LED, accelerometer/gyro, and flex/bend sensor for the mouth! Check out the latest demo here!

6 - Time Machine

Delay is a versatile synthesis technique. It allows us to create hypnotic rhythmic textures as well as sound design with flanger, comb filter, and karplus strong.
Time Machine by Olivia Artz Modular (OAM) is a new eurorack module with a more tactile way of creating music with delays. It is multi-tap delay eurorack module that was successfully funded in under 48 hours on their Kickstarter page.

7 - Iceland Spar

Iceland Spar by @justin23000 (aka Discomfort Designs) is a Daisy-powered looper pedal with a twist. It is a dual looper where “looper 1” harmonizes, layers, and varies playback-speed. There is also the loop degradation feature. “Looper 2” glitches the signal.

8 - 3D Printed Sound Sculpture

Eirik Brandal built a sculpture that plays “…a new ever-evolving song…” every time it is restarted. At the heart of the project, there is the Daisy Seed that outputs a generative music that is programmed in Arduino IDE. Oscillators and effects (such as delay, Moog-emulated filter, and overdrive) from the DaisyDuino library were utilized. The project is beautifully documented too here.

9 - Daisy FX Boy Cartridge

If you grew up with a Game Boy™, I’m sure you were excited to see Befaco’s FX Boy. The cartridge’s translucent aesthetic is on-point! Well, community member FcKw had the wild idea of making a custom cartridge with the Daisy Seed inside of it!! And few weeks later, it was achieved! Here’s the amazing result. It is planned to be open-sourced so keep your eyes out if you’re interested in a Daisy FX Boy Cartridge!

10 - Rhyzome Firmware for the Daisy Field

With the Rhyzome firmware, turn your Daisy Field into a drum machine that’s ready to be performed at a club! Daisy Discord member Aren created a drum machine firmware for the Field that consists of 4 drum engines with a 16 step sequencer per engine. It also has a master bus with compressor and drive.

If you have the Daisy Field, you can jam out with it today! It is available on the Rhyzome GitHub repository.

11 - Dual Source Acoustic IR Pedal

Acoustic IR pedal project by @Cuki79 is for acoustic guitar with piezo pickup as well as built-in mic.
"All the processing is based on CMSIS DSP library

  • It provides two kind of FIR filters (quackless and mic-like)
  • EQ shape (17 stages IIR)
  • EQ tonestack based on Fishman mini amp
  • A dual source feature with Baggs Anthem-like crossover"

I also loved reading the whole process on this well-documented forum thread and how it eventually becomes an inspiring conversation about DIY.

12 - Raw Yaw Media Modules

You may have seen their demo video on Red Means Recording’s channel. I really dig how fun and full of character these modules are! That video goes in depth, so I highly encourage that you check it out. Torus module especially seems like a blast to play with!!

13 - Wearable Sonic Tentacles

Wearable Sonic Tentacles is a wearable musical instrument created by @tizzypee. The sound is controlled by changing how much contact you have with the sensors. And it looks like bending/flexing alters the sound too. The sensors are custom made using soft circuitry. I like this idea of becoming one with a musical instrument in a more literal way!

14 - Grainwaves (WIP)

Grainwaves is a Daisy Submodule powered granular synth that’s in the works. I tried to eschew sharing WIP projects, but I couldn’t resist because of that beautiful GUI!! It’s sounding equally stellar too. I’m excited to see this project evolve.

15 - MiniVerb

MiniVerb by @benjiaomodular is a reverb eurorack module that is powered by the Daisy Seed!!
The reverb effect is programmed in the Arduino IDE. The guitar reverb demo in the video sounds stellar!
It is open-source so check out MiniVerb’s GitHub if you’re interested in building it!

16 - WindyPod

Community member WindySynth used the Daisy Pod as a sound source for the NuEVI MIDI wind controller, and they sure make a great pair!
Hear how expressive the Daisy can sound with an electronic wind controller in this demo video!

17 - xVox (Harmonic Pitch Shifter Module)

xVox by @gregsbrain is a deep harmonic pitch shifter module. It has “four voice real-time pitch shifter with support for chord generation and chord progressions.” Greg goes into much more detail about this feature-packed and very musical module in the video!

18 - Modular Daisy Dev Kit

Modular Development Kit by @pauldee is a project that I hope to see develop further. Paul stated the following as motivation to put together this kit: “I was fed up with constant breadboarding when I seemed to use a common set of component modules, so I got some of them printed up as PCBs, made a breakout board and created this development kit.” This project will allow you to connect common components to the Daisy with ease!!
It is available on a GitHub repo.

19 - Tomboi

DIY Sample Playing Eurorack Module by @krakenpine. It is describe as a “Very overengineered with effects and tonally playable multisampled sounds.” The video goes in depth about how the module was put together along with an awesome industrial sound demo at the end!!
It is available on a GitHub repo.

20 - Warp Core

Warp Core by @infrasonicaudio is a stereo phase distortion oscillator. There are several videos [1][2][3] that showcase the complex tones that it can produce! The module’s gnarly sound will speak for itself!

21 - Plinks

Now for something lush. Daniel Lawler’s Plinks module is a “a plucked string arpeggiator with modifiable speed for rich tone creation”. With its internal filter and reverb, you can create a lush walls of sound! You can check out the project file on the GitHub repo.

22 - Tube Bass Amp

Analog meets digital! @daniel_BASS made a tube bass amp in which the “Tube section consists of a typical (basically hi-fi) Alembic preamp and blended in with fixed ratio Diezel based high-gain preamp…”. Daisy Seed was utilized to power the OLED as well as the internal compressor, reverb, and flanger effects!
This project sounds like a dream amp for post-metal bassists.

23 - eurorack-blocks

I’m sure all these awesome projects inspired you to want to create your very own module! But where to even begin? The eurorack-blocks project (maintained by @raf) allows you to develop your very own custom eurorack module and the framework automatically generates all the needed files to manufacture so that you can bring the module of your dream into the physical world! The mission is to allow anyone to design a custom module with little to zero knowledge in electronics.

The process is:
Design a custom module using C++, Faust, or Max gen → Test the automatically generated software version of the module in the VCV environment → automatically generate the hardware files required for manufacturing order → assemble your very own hardware modular synth! The module will be powered by Daisy Patch SM!

If you’re interested, you can check out the GitHub repo!
And the Daisy Discord server has an #eurorack-blocks channel too.

24 - FM Einheit

One such project created with the eurorack-blocks framework is FM Einheit by @OmsInSerial. From drum sounds to cybernetic sound effects, this is a powerful FM synthesis module that allows for flexible sound designing!

Thank you all for creating and sharing amazing projects!! Looking forward to seeing what will be created in 2024 :slight_smile:


Awesome line-up, @Takumi_Ogata! Love seeing all these projects on such an amazing platform. Thanks for featuring mine as well.

I’d also like to plug the Kaseta Tape Delay from Zlosynth. I’ve been using it a lot since he sent it to me. It’s based around the Patch SM and it’s completely open-source – which always gets extra points from me.

I have a demo of it (being used in tandem with my reverb) on my IG:

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Thanks for the shoutout and awesome write up @Takumi_Ogata ! Daisy was all over Superbooth this year too. Awesome to see all the cool projects people are making with it

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@Takumi_Ogata thanks for compiling this list and including my project! Will be checking out all of these awesome effects soon.

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Thanks for including me - definitely more to come on this project!

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