Common circuit "recipes" for eurorack modules

I’ve done some DIY, but I’m still learning about electronics. I’d like to do some prototyping, and eventually build a few Daisy-based eurorack modules. Patch is really interesting to me, but is also way overkill for what I’m going to be building. However, Patch certainly contains many of the kinds of circuits I’m going to need for the module I end up building, for example:

CV in
Gate in
CV out
Gate out
MIDI out
Audio in (eurorack level)
Audio out (eurorack level)
LCD screen

Are there any good resources or schematics for building any of these “parts” of a Daisy-based eurorack module? If so, please share!

THe schematics for Daisy Pod and Daisy Patch cover all of those. They are shared on Github.

I found them, thanks. Here’s are links for anyone else that might be interested:

Pod schematics:

Patch schematics:

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An exellent way to learn about Eurorack circuits is building DIY Kits. Befaco from Barcelona have great analogue modules with open source schematics. Bastl Instruments has a lot of simple, interesting open source DIY kits. For digital modules you might need to take the plunge into SMD but Mutable Instruments has fantastic resources on github, or you build something from her archive.

Objection! No matter how much DIY kits I make, I only learn new ways to make burns on my hands!

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While that was funny, I agree that not much is learned by assembling a module, especially if the module works upon completion.

More can be learned by troubleshooting a botched assembly.

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@antisvin @teleplayer Hahaha maybe I phrased that the wrong way.

The advantages I see (and that work for us in this matter) are that you have a real-world tested and working object with behaviour you can probe, that you can then study the schematics to.

The thinking goes, “Hey I want an attenuated bipolar CV input with an RG LED that scales to 5V. Do I have a module that does that? Hang on, Mutable Instruments [Module Name] does that.” Then look at the schematics. Does it really do what you thought or are e.g. the Inputs and driving the LED different circuits?

You can’t leave the studying the schematics out. But if you do you can learn a lot from those projects.

Agreed, much can be learned from devices which have published schematics.


In case if anyone missed this a few weeks ago, DIY module schematics by Erica Synths have been released after they’ve discontinued their production -


One of the best places for DIY Eurorack modules is
Lots of advice on good and bad modules, sample circuits and who are the good suppliers of components.