Combine OLED and read analogue objects

I want to combine OLED and read analogue code using Patch SM. I have working examples for OLED and reading potentiometer.

The OLED example uses DaisySeed hw object and the Pot example uses DaisyPatchSM patch.

I have tried to modify the DaisyPatchSM to use the DaisySeed hw example but it tells me it doesn’t have hw.Configure() member.

Conversely I have tried to modify DaisySeed hw patch to DaisyPatchSM but the patch.GetAdcValue(CV_1); doesn’t work.

It also seems I cannot run two different Initialise objects: hw.Init(), patch.Init();

How can I add OLED and read ADC pot for Patch SM?

OLED example

Read Pot

I think you need hw.StartAdc(); before reading any ADC values.

On patch_sm, StartAdc is done in Init().