Class daisy::DaisyPetal' has no member named 'StartLog'


I’m trying to send serial messages from the daisy petal. I’ve been referring to the serial read example (libDaisy/examples/SerialRead/SerialRead.cpp at master · electro-smith/libDaisy · GitHub) and the USB CDC examples (DaisyExamples/seed/USB_CDC/USB_CDC.cpp at master · electro-smith/DaisyExamples · GitHub)

It seems like the methods available on the DaisySeed class aren’t available on DaisyPetal. Is this documented somewhere?

littlefield.cpp:41:8: error: 'class daisy::DaisyPetal' has no member named 'StartLog'
   41 |     hw.StartLog(true);

Thank you.

Try this:

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Oh, beautiful – thank you!