Chat gpt (Closed since it's attracting bots)


I’ve just received a Daisy Pod, I’ve managed to upload the multi effect premade code to it and it is working. Huzzah!

Now, I have been messing around with Chat GPT and it seems to be able to write the c++ code needed to program the Pod. My question is, what format do I need to save that code in to either use the web programmer or the visual thingy application (which I have got working also on my laptop) to then blow one of the chat gpt programs to the Pod?

Thanks for your help!

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You need to save it as an ‘unformatted’ or ‘raw’ text file, for example using windows notepad or your favored programming editor, like the one built into the ‘visual thingy application’. Give it a filetype of ‘cpp’.

Be careful that you don’t give chatGPT the ability to create hardware and take over the world, unless you think that would be a ‘good thing’.

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Did you try asking that to ChatGPT?


Yes I did, it gave me a useful response actually, which is good.

As someone who has never written in C++ and wants to do not very much with Pod, I thought it was a good entranceway in. I am sure there are gatekeepers in this forum that would poo poo the idea though.