Changing the MIDI device name


I am wondering if there is a simple way to change the name of the MDID device when it shows up on my PC so that it can represent my devices name?

Any info here would be appreciated.


Hi !
I faced the same question few times ago and the solution found is to modify libdaisy code :

// file : libdaisy/src/usbd/usbd_desc.c
// line 77 :
#define USBD_PRODUCT_STRING_FS "Daisy Seed Built In"

I’ve replaced this line with

extern const char* USBD_PRODUCT_STRING_FS;

So you just have to add a definition for this variable somewhere in your code, like in your main cpp file

// file your_main.cpp
const char* USBD_PRODUCT_STRING_FS = "My custom name";

Works with ALSA and JACK on linux, didn’t tried other os.
You can also just edit the original defined value, but it will be painfull if you’re working on several devices


Hi @TomatoShotgun,

I am wondering if there is a needed feature to allow a name to be passed into the MIDI config? That would be a quick way to set the name and have it per project / device.

Thoughts on that?